Friday, May 24, 2013

21 Month Newsletter

Dear Son,

So this is l-a-t-e, but May has been CRAZY (more on that at a later date).  We did manage to celebrate your 21 month marker and Mother's Day on the 13th though.  We went to a local petting zoo and I got in free...what more could a Mom ask for? 

But seriously, it is such a joy to watch you grow from a baby into a little boy.  You are now 32 in. tall!! You can say "please" at appropriate times and actually ask me if you can eat geen-beens (green beans) for dinner.  And in the evenings you often walk up to me and say, "Bubble bath?" (you can pronounce these two words exquisitely), even when you've already had one, and I oblige.  Because, hey, why not allow you that joy?  It's not everyday in life that we get to take two bubble baths.  And did I mention that when I say it's time for a nap or night-night you DON'T cry?!  What did I do to deserve this good fortune?  It's the little things amongst all the crazy... 

And your current obsession:  SUPERHEROS.  As soon as you wake up in the morning, you ask not for Mama or Dada, but 'Biderman aka Spiderman.  I showed you the 1960's cartoon theme-song on YouTube and now you are hooked.

Anyways, thanks for being you kiddo!

Bears are still a favorite