Saturday, April 13, 2013

20 Month Newsletter

Dear Son,

The best part about Spring is that stuff you previously believed to be dead and gone--like the craggy tufts of dried debris in our potted plants--are actually alive.  One undetermined day the grass turns from brown to verdant green.  The bare tree branches have brand new leaves--ones so green they look yellow.  Spring is the moment when you suddenly see things, in my opinion, the way they are meant to be seen.  The Spring season lasts for a few months, but the imperceptible act of "spring" seems so fleeting.  I wish I could capture this moment for you. 

Today is your 20 month birthday (woah!).  It's great it falls on a Saturday because you, me and Dad spent all day together.  We hung out at home, outside.  We threw the ball.  We looked at earth worms and you laughed--that infectious one where your whole body shakes like a bowl full of jelly--when Dad showed you how to spit off the deck (so grown).  Now, inside we play with Star Wars and Marvel hero figurines.  Oh, and a cow and a zebra.  We'll probably even eat your favorite food (pizza) tonight.  It's been pretty much (barring your new penchant for rising early on the weekends) the perfect day.   

I often wish I could capture SO MANY moments because you are growing and changing so quickly.  Always smarter, funnier, more handsome, more vocal than the moment before.  And every time I get you out of your crib after nap time you are somehow heavier and more limb-y in my arms than just a few hours before.

That is life son; things they are a changin'.  You will always be our blessing.  It is such a pleasure to be your parent.

And since they say a picture is worth a thousand words, here are a few shots from today: 


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