Saturday, February 14, 2015

Little love notes.

Dear Quent,

I can't believe it! You are halfway to 4. Wow. I love you more and more as you are growing into a 'little boy.' Your big boy haircut makes you look even more mature. I love how sometimes you blurt out these crazy mature insights like they're just on the tip of your tongue and then other times you take your time to think things through before you answer our questions.

I love your thoughtfulness.  I love your imagination.  I love how easily you give out compliments: "You're a beautiful girl!" or, "You're a good baby," you say every single day to Felicity.

"You're a a good, Mom," and "You're the best Dad!" you say pretty often...

I love that you can fall in love with so many things! You are enthusiastic about everything (especially doing all the things "all by myself!" which is awesome). People should be like you!

Love your hugs and cuddles, sweet boy.


Dear Felicity,

How much did I just love writing that, Dear Felicity!  I could say it all day, sweet girl, dear Felicity.  We are still getting to know each other, but I hope you love our little family as much as we love you!  Your brother loves you so much.  Your Daddy is already wrapped around your finger and you and I are good buddies.

We have so many hopes for you, but most of all we wish for you what your namesake suggests: Happiness!!  And, so far so good, because you are smiley (and smelly...but that's true love!!)

Love and Happiness,


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