Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Whoah, baby! I'm back!!

Thanks, Timehop, for reminding today that I have a "baby blog." It was fun reminiscing about my then only child! Wow, it's been forever!!! 2 years ago, to be exact, I opened with this post about becoming a SAHM. I think it was that piece that got my writing in gear and I published several of my stories on the interwebs since then. After that, I took a break again, you know, if you calling having another baby a break.

Our family has changed and grown so much since I last stopped by the bloggity-blog. I hope I will have time to update it more regularly. Time is a blur with two babies, yet there is twice as much I want to capture and record. Maybe for Lent, I will try to make a commitment to exercise the ol' phalanges on the keyboard.

So, I'm not sure where this post is going other than to say that I'm back!

And that I live in leggings. It's a good day when I get to put on jeans. Most days I wear all of these things because I get spit up on. A lot.

Also, I think my kids are so beautiful and funny that I just don't know how they could be related to me. I'm sure all you Moms can relate! Must be the honeymoon phase, right? But I'm gonna chase that feeling. Yes, I am.

 Sometimes I get this trippy feeling when I look at these two: Are they really here? How are they mine? It's not disbelief (I know they are really, REALLY, real and I am charged with their care...it's definitely apparent when they're up at 1 AM and/or I'm covered in spit-up). It's more like amazement.  That's what 2 kids is like for me. Happy amazement. Scary amazement. Lonely amazement. Tired amazement.

K, thanks for reading!

Coming soon:
Felicity's birth story (because I'm trying to be fair here, and I want to remember it)!

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