Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Favorite Things

Dear Son,

I thought it would be fun to post on here some of your favorite things right now.  I'll show you with pictures and captions.

Nothing makes you happier than flinging all the books off of this shelf:

And, this is your favorite book for us to read together:
Reading this, you point and say "Star" many, many times with increasing volume.


You like to watch silly videos on YouTube.  The ones with singing animals and/or inanimate objects with animate features are your favorite:

You also give plenty of hugs and loving shoves to this furry creature, Abby:


You like to carry these around, point them at the T.V. and grunt, bang them on any hard surface, and sometimes you talk on them like telephones. You love just holding the remote.

You love to carry this little guy around.  He's just your size and, also, he looks kind of like a baby. And also this is really weird...nuff' said.

 One time, I caught you carrying the Buddha baby in one hand and this guy in the other.  Becuase that is how we roll. 
This is Noah from your Little People: Noah's Arc set.  He usually takes the Jeep instead of the arc, if you couldn't tell.
This is another favorite toy of yours, we have several varying figurines like him.
"Skateboard Creeper" Buzz
 Just look at that smile...
 Another thing you love is your Dad's hats.  He wears them often.  We looked for this one in particular for weeks.  You had hidden it in your closet.  Needless to say, it's your favorite hat (Dad's too):

And last, but not least, are these:

When all else fails, have some goldfish. Baby size.

So, there you have it.  Maybe you can look back on this one day (you know, as long as this whole internet thing isn't just a fad) and enjoy reliving some of your favorite things.  Your tastes are constantly evolving though, so I will try to stay current.

Mom and Dad

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