Monday, February 29, 2016

Our 2016 Leap Day Time Capsule Questionnaire

It has been awhile since I've published anything on here, but what better use of an extra day in February! Happy Leap Day, everyone!

Today I bring you a short and sweet questionnaire that I filled out with Q (4years old) and Felicity (who at 15 months provided no comment but plenty of inspiration).

We plan on revisiting this adorable virtual time capsule next leap year.  I absolutely lack the will to imagine how GROWN we will ALL be by then, but I certainly am looking forward to the journey.

Without further ado, here are Mr. Q's answers:

1. Favorite movie: The Good Dinosaur (I second that! "You are me and more," is my FAVE new thing to say EVER)
2. Favorite TV show: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
3. Favorite food: Chicken Nuggets
4. Favorite restaurant: Cracker Barrel
5. Favorite color: Red
6. Favorite book: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse book
7. Favorite toy: magnetic things
8. Favorite friend: Felicity (be still my heart)
9. Favorite weather: NOT rain
10. Favorite Superhero: Obi Wan

Now, my searches on Pinterest suggested to add some sort of projection about the future into the time capsule, however, it seems a little much for the age group I'm working with.  No problem, I'll just tack some of my own hopes and dreams onto this ;)

Right now, Q is 3 days post-op from his second airway surgery.  He is doing well and has showed so much grace and happiness in the face of things many 4 year olds would punch someone over.  It has been a long road getting here and with every bump it is clear that there is yet more road to cover before we can all 'breathe easy.'  Everyday, I learn a little more.  Like how Q's easy-going personality is a gift to the world (in the same way that Felicity's discerning demeanor will somehow suit her life path perfectly).  But by the next Leap Year, I hope not only for Good Health but for happy memories and a great adventure. 

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