Wednesday, March 13, 2013

19 Month Newsletter

Dear Son,

Today marks our 19 month anniversary!  For most, a monthly newsletter written to a baby (that sounds a little silly) would include things like important milestones.  Not here.  Milestones, though exciting, are too medical and if you've read anything I've written this far--you know I have a distaste (and that's using kind words) for anything medical.

Yes, this month was the month you learned to kick a ball, shush people, run (head first), and scale things to a moderately terrifying height (the coffee table and couches).  You also got ANOTHER pair of shoes.  And did I mention that you've shown interest in drinking out of a wide-mouthed cup?  At dinnertime, you often remove the straw from your sippy cup, bring cup to lips, and tip the thing upward (just had to brag a little). 

Now, onto the more important things we've been doing this month:  Star Wars.

I spy, with my little eye...a box turtle!!

You, me, and Dad viewed A New Hope a couple of weekends ago and we had a blast.  We had to fast forward through some slow scenes (only to finish before bedtime, because you have an excellent attention span.  There's just so much to brag about).  Result: You are obsessed with R2D2.  And your Dad found some pretty cool figurines that you take everywhere now, replacing your poor old Buddha

You've also developed a unique set of skills.  For instance, you can turn anything into a cell-phone.  I mean, ANYTHING.  It started with a straw, which you attached around your ear and proceeded to march around the house talking into.  You do your best talking while you're walking (me too).  Then, it was a french fry, you picked it off your tray, held it to the side of your face and began babbling.  You got a pretty good laugh out of us, so the french fry phone has become part of your regular shtick, when you're feeling punchy.  Other objects-converted-into-cell-phones include: T.V. remotes, toy cars, rattles, and bottles of baby lotion.  Apparently, you've got a lot to say kiddo. 

You also excel at making car, train, and airplane noises.  Which means you're also really good at making any object into a MOVING object. 

What else?  Oh, the dancing.  Sometimes I turn on the radio so you can run around (mostly stomping and kicking) to the music.  Every now and then you attempt a forward roll just to mix things up.  Slapping your knees is your favorite move. And Ho, Hey by the Lumineers is your favorite song (it has a catchy chorus that you can actually sing along to).  You've got excellent tastes and you've really found your groove.

You have a few favorite games too.  (1) I like to call Knock-Knock.  This entails going around the house and knocking on any closed door we can find and then opening it to see who's there (as you can see, we've gotten pretty creative in the colder months).  Knocking on the bathroom door is your favorite because we can see ourselves in the mirror when we open it. (2) Fetch with the dogs.  Jack Pup is the best sport, but sometimes you throw the ball AT him (with suprising force and accuracy) instead of FOR him.  In which case Jack does the brotherly thing and just walks away, leaving you to play your other favorite game: throw the ball.  (3) Hide and Seek.  In which you hide but also sometimes hide objects of interest, like the remote control or the couch pillows, in your tent we have set up in the dining room. 

You have also developed quite a taste for books (which makes your Dad and I so proud).  One of your favorites right now is "Slowly, Slowy, Slowly," said the Sloth by Eric Carle.  You also like our coffee table books: one, called Smiles because it's miniature and has black and white photos of all sorts of different people smiling.  When we read it we practice smiling, which you are really good at doing (and I hope you always will be).  Another is our wedding album.  I love when you haul that clunky thing off the table and place it my lap for us to read together.  We make up the words as we go along--they're always different--but mostly we practice saying the names of all the family members we see in the photographs.  It's a great reminder of who we are, how we got here, and how lucky we are to be together--the three of us. 

Everything you do makes us proud son--not just the milestones, but everything in between.  Because that's the stuff that makes you YOU.



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